Course Description/Objectives

Course Description

Considering the fact that women make up half the population of the NWT, it is imperative that they get appropriate representation in elected positions available in the NWT.  

This training program is designed to inform and encourage women to consider running for or supporting other women to run for elected positions. This course also helps women to recognize and manage direct and indirect barriers that they may face specific to them in the NWT.

Course Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the historical and current composition of elected leadership positions in the NWT.
  • Identify elected leadership opportunities to support.
  • Identify the need for diverse representation in elected leadership roles.
  •  Examine the relationship between self-confidence and campaigning.
  • Select appropriate communication and conflict management responses and apply them to a variety of situations relevant to elected leadership roles.
  • Apply several best practice strategies when speaking to an audience.
  • Identify the importance of fundraising when running for elected leaders.
  • Recognize the importance of selecting and utilizing a team.
  • Differentiate between the campaign methods required for various elected positions, and
  • Identify how to register for any given campaign and how to locate the appropriate support resources.