Module 3: Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Module 3 from the Campaign School for Women Participant Workbook

As a leader in your community, how you manage conflict plays a very important role in how successful you will be in gaining the respect of others.To develop a healthy conflict management style, we must first acknowledge how we relate to conflict.

Many conflict management models can support you to better address and work through conflict.  For this workshop, we will be focusing on distinguishing an ‘interest’ from a ‘position.’  To do this, you should have good listening skills and encourage yourself to stay curious and avoid becoming defensive to fully understand the opposing views expressed.

We are going to explore a method often used during meditation when the views of two opposing parties are willing to share their differing views or conflict with the intention of resolving the conflict peacefully and productively. To do so, we will incorporate a five step process.

As a leader in the community, you must be prepared to deal with conflict on a regular basis and recognize that conflict itself is not necessarily a negative experience.  Conflict can also lead to connection, mutual understanding and innovation.   Consider what insights you gained about your relationship to conflict resolution.