Module 5: Teams


Module 5 from the Campaign School for Women Participant Workbook

Not all elected positions will require a team to support you; for example, running for a seat with your local education board may not require a team.  However, the more competitive or higher profile elected positions can require quite a bit of work while campaigning.  A strong team to support you in your campaign can make a huge difference in your election success.  If applicable, you should be getting your team organized between 6-12 months before the election.

The composition of your campaign team will depend on what works for you in your area and in your circumstances.  It’s possible to combine some of the roles where needed to streamline efforts.  If you’ve done a good job fundraising for your campaign, it may be possible to pay your team members a stipend or a salary for their contribution to your campaign, if that is allowed in the rules governing that election.

If you do put together a team to help with your campaign, be sure to take the opportunity at the end of the elections to thank your team for their help.