Module 7: Campaigning


Module 7 from the Campaign School for Women Participant Workbook

Campaigning is about getting your message out.  Communications is a critical component of your campaign and political life overall.  Developing a clear message and familiarity with communications and social media tools and platforms is a fundamental part of becoming a political leader.

To campaign effectively you need to have a clear campaign message that speaks to the issues most important to your constituents.

Canvassing (or going door-to-door) is an effective means of communicating your campaign.One of the most important things you will get for your campaign is the voter's list.  This list will keep you organized in terms of who is living in which district as a registered voter.  

Although doing door-to-door (canvassing) during a campaign is still regarded as an essential part of winning the confidence of the public, opportunities to share your campaign on social media are worth exploring as well.

Social media allows people to create and share information and make connections.  It is a powerful publishing and communications tool that has changed how people discover, read, and share content.
People increasingly rely on social media for up-to-date political news and information.  It can also spread political information quickly, whether it is true or not.

Campaigning online can be difficult, especially for campaigns with limited resources.  Focusing your efforts and cultivating followers on specific platforms can pay off come to Election Day.