Module 6: Fundraising


Module 6 from the Campaign School for Women Participant Workbook

No matter what level of elected position you are running for, fundraising can play a significant role in supporting your campaign so that you can maximize your efforts in reaching out to voters.

If you need to raise funds, develop a budget that identifies what you need funds for and how much.  Campaign funds can be allocated for signs, brochures, advertisement placements, social media advertisements, gatherings where room rentals or catering is required, website, office supplies, campaign team payments, etc.

Although fundraising for elections taking place at the municipal level may not be necessary, it becomes increasingly important to fundraise when the needs of your campaign are greater, such as in territorial elections where campaigns can require significantly larger investments.  

It’s also important to note that it may be worthwhile to plan and budget for any applicable financial burdens a candidate will have to take into consideration when choosing to run for office due to the possibility of taking time off work for the election period.