Tina Gargan

I credit every women that's gone before.

We've paved the way and we've proven that we can be mothers, we can still work full-time, and we can also serve in an elected, official capacity.

I did all three for many years. If you that you can't do that too, you're wrong.

Tina Gargan

Former Mayor of Fort Providence

About Ms. Gargan

Tina has been a positive role model for many young women in her community. She does everything she can to help those in need, whether it is healing, counselling, or just listening. Tina has helped women and children get away from violent relationships. She helps organize positive events in her community and works closely with the schools and friendship center.

She has served as councillor, deputy mayor and mayor of Fort Providence and was the president of the Status of Women Council of the NWT. She has also served as a director, vice president and acting director for Association of Communities and volunteered with the local justice committee and the Aboriginal Headstart advisory board. In 2006, Tina was a recipient of the Status of Women Council's Wise Women Award.

Tina Gargan's SheCan Poster

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