Natasha Kulikowski

Do it. Put your name forward. This job is very, very interesting. You learn things that you never would have imagined learning.


Natasha Kulikowski

Mayor of Inuvik

Inuvik-born Natasha Kulikowski firmly believed that in order to make a difference, you need to get involved, and so that is when her decision to run for Town Council came about. She ran for a seat on Council in 2012, narrowly missing out on a seat and lost out only two votes. To maintain a quorum, she filled a vacant seat after one of the councillors passed away. A year later, she was elected into the role.

It was while on Town Council did she first consider a bid for the Mayor of Inuvik. She liked the idea of being the face of Inuvik, attending conferences and meetings and telling people about what a great place Inuvik was to live in. She felt that she had the right skills to present Inuvik in the best possible light with her positive attitude. 

In 2018 when she ran for the office of Mayor, Natasha won the election with an unprecedented landslide victory. She is the second female Mayor of Inuvik ever to be elected. The last female Mayor left office the year Natasha was born.

Natasha credits the Campaign School for Women to help her develop the skills necessary for running for political office. She firmly believes the program was an excellent resource and allowed her to learn from other female candidates both past and present and to hear first-hand of the potential things women in politics may face and have to overcome.

Natasha Kulikowski"s SheCan Poster